Monday, January 10, 2005

My world gets exponentially smaller and less anonymous

I spent the whole sunshiny morning in my PJs chatting with Bicyclemark on Yahoo messenger, delightful... then changed into yesterdays sweaty running clothes...ran...and now, am back in my PJs and don't think I am getting out of them for anything.

I ran eight miles in shorts. I have a mild case of walking pneumonia and its 40 degrees out. Came home and took a hot shower so hot that I was not done till I was well done, like Asia steak.

running on the Willamette bluff

That's the kinda thing that yer telling reporters when they hike a leg up onto your porch stoop asking you how you made it to celebrate yer 130th birthday and you rock back and forth a few times looking off in the distance, take a sip of whiskey and say YOU CANT GO 'ROUND BEING A PUSSY. I got a hundred years left.

Now I am eating tangerines and tangerine seeds and raw almonds and drinking water and thinking about dreams and gnocchi and digital watches and Dale Watson and how much time I spend figuratively and literally running from things and I am usually not sure what I am running to.

Somewhere along the route I found this treeshrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe...

From the class syllabus, syllabuses, syllabus', syllabii (?) its clear to me that I cannot skate through this term, that that shit will not fly this time around. So there may not be much of me around for a few weeks but check in anyway and leave an encouraging comment or email. Please...

(its probably just your typical procrastinators LIE)

Edison (Slobberbone - Gimme back my dog!)

"But wait, don't leave us hanging"

Willie loves the TV and slapping things with her claws

As far as I know, I have never in my life been the first person to use a toilet... nor have I seen the mysterious esoteric plumbing holes that just made pee and poo and puke and dead goldfish disappear like that...poof

Sooooo I thought, before I shove off...

Its the New Toilet review!

Mansfield 1.6gpf #130 White Toilet Bowl and #160 Tank

Acoustically the new toilet bowl is a rewarding montage of delicate tones, the porcelain angles and shallow pool are a bit of a change from the old toilet where one could pee in utter silence but any toilet aficionado will quickly learn to appreciate this models resonate sonorousness.

Mechanically the Mansfield is a plumbing dream... the product of years of research, development and litigation. The flush handle has a pneumatic action that offers just the right amount of resistance and sigh of acceptance as the water swooshes satisfyingly out of the tank and into the bowl. The initial swoosh reports like the old familiar toilet but falls silent almost immediately as the waste is carried away.

Ergonomically the Mansfield 130 is more upright and keeps the user at attention by employing a slight tilt to the angle of the seat, which simultaneously offers more support to the lower back. Additionally the slightly higher seat may come at a shock in the middle of the night a few times as you slam your bottom onto a toilet seat you thought was an inch or so lower, but with use comes familiarity and the raised seat does wonders for the knees and ankles.

Bottoms up, I say!


So what do you do when someone orders a penut greg-eye-oh? I cant help but delightfully ask them if they meant pinot grigio.... its like I want to embarrass them or something...

I have one of those wayward tastebuds right on the tip of my tongue and I thought I would try to pluck it off with tweezers. Everything seems so mysterious to me right now. But fuckin' ouch.

No mystery there.

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