Thursday, January 20, 2005


Once a week I have a night/morning off paired together... and one full day off (Monday) where I have work the night before and early classes the next morning.
Tonight is that night... I have no work, and I get to sleep in in the morning.

I haven't been home to sleep in my own bed for a few days and this morning at 6am the whole apartment stank of stinky hummus and something else in the garbage no longer identifiable. I was like a flash flood of cleanliness...woosh!

Willie, who is fed and played with while I change clothes between school and work is stir crazy and wants badly to sink her claws into me and make me stay put.

Life is slick and oily. There is nothing really for me to hang onto. I wanna give everything away. Anyone need a moon globe, red boots or a hula girl air freshener?

I have some healing dirt from the Sanctuario De Chimayo too...

And a hypno-trance inducing CD. The only time I have to listen to it is on the commute to school. Hmmmm.....

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