Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sitting Still Skills

I have spent the morning trying to catch up with all my favorite blogs and well over an hour trying to correct a little QUIRK in my computer that prevents me from commenting on some of them. If you don't hear from me, well, I tried. I really, really did.

But whatever. All I wanted to say was 'tupid stuff like...MY GREAT UNCLE OWNED THE FIRST TEAM OF BUDWEISER HORSES and YER SO CUTE WHEN YER MAD, I WANNA MAKE OUT WITH YOU and you might know who you are.

Nevada sunset

However!!! Even vacation has its limits. Now I gotta go run... then go work... then go find those real people who keep calling and if I want them to keep calling I have to show up once in a while.

Maybe after that I will come back here, sit with this fat cat on my lap and tell you that we drove over 2300 miles, got a speeding ticket, a tire blowout, lost three million bucks at craps, fell in the fountain at Ceasars Palace, heckled Carrot Top at MGM Grand, threw a smoky Belvedere martini on Celion Dion when she said I looked like a hooker in my strappy heels. That Bitch.

HI Mom

Some things here are lies.

I was sleeping when we got pulled over.

Merry belated holidays!

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