Sunday, December 12, 2004

Pink Elephants

I gotta admit, I have been out of the loop just a wee bit since the election. Its a semi-intentional self preservation tactic, and a semi-self centered rathergetmygrooveon thing I am doing.

One must descend from emotional heights with great care. ... though, really, a small part of me is a little disappointed that the United States hasn't erupted in violent revolt and meaningful upheaval. Small part.

But its not like I have been waiving my pitchfork in the air. Just today, while digging through a mound of clean laundry for a pair of pants that really flatter my ass I felt that twinge... who knows where it came from. Must have washed it, that old sense of OUTRAGE, in a jacket pocket or something.

Rumsfeld is a total jerk. Bush is a hypocrite. The Canadians prove once again they aint so bad. The war is a failure , the media cant be trusted...

What else is new though? That shoulder injury, which left me with permanent nerve damage in the thumb of my right hand earlier this year, is acting up something wicked. I am loopy and nauseous from Vicodin and pain.

I still have to work and study though, and so I gotta battle the fog. This morning I made myself the KICKINGEST ASS cup of coffee you ever seen... I poured a little rice milk in there and I swear the coffee got blacker.

Is it okay to call a mans dog by another mans dogs name?

sink kitty

I wasn't exaggerating about Willies destructive nature. My bathroom will be rubble soon.

She will destroy everything


Bicyclemark, I am doing everything with my toes today just for you. Happy Birthday man.


I wonder what my study group will think of that? Plus, I decided I aint changing out of my PJ's today. Ass-flattery be damned. Its finals week. There is only so much I can give.

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