Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Lies are obvious...

Fr'instance, I didn't actually loose three million at craps cause I didn't have it to start with. Duh.

It was more like three million in play. Parlay up, and then byebye buckys. One can make a million quicklike at the Craps table. Just ask Celion (major looser). Why do you think she was in such a bad mood?

And when there was nowhere else to go but down we went to Fremont street, old Vegas, more tarnish then shine these days. Mom and I took sci-fi pictures in the bathroom at Binions while our company waited outside and rolled their eyes.

I love you to infinity

They have a big (BIG, worlds biggest BIG) screen TV bolted above the four blocks of casinos down there and they gave the remote control to your best friends from middle schools asshole brother.

Mostly really, Bestest Friend and I wandered around cut loose from the Family cause we couldn't seem to wind our watch. It was windy and my hair was tangled the whole time. We wore lots of black and generally I just hung onto his arm building up static electricity on casino carpets and shocking the hell outta myself every few minutes. He is a sculptor and we hit a bad patch at the Forum Shops where he found his sculptor sensibilities deeply wounded when we came upon the Bacchus fountain. I had to loan him my dark glasses and lead him sit down in the coffee shop for awhile.

The whole trip (minus gambling ante and showgirl tips) was a gift from Lee and his parents. Woah!

Goddamn awesome!



I had super creepy dreams last night about trying to save a girl who was being murdered by Hannibal but I had to smash his head in and throw his brain in the canal then as he died his eyes rolled back and got all red and he swore I would be next. Meanwhile the girl kinda slunk away or something cause I dont remember much more of her. I got hysterical and tried to find the cops.

Most of the night I was stuck skiing on melting dirty slopes and swinging on a fraying trapeeze in a dying town followed by a tiny robot that was trying to shoot me with real bullets. It was unsatisfying.

But now I am late to go get Sam who is probably still sleeping. Dame Darcy is appearing down at Reading Frenzy tonight. ohmygodohmygodohmygod....
I probably wont make it though.

I got a hot date.

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