Sunday, December 05, 2004

Finals Week

Man I just drank like, 10 cups of rot-gut coffee hunched over weeks of notes and highlighted text and scraps of reminders to do things I never got around to doing.

This girl, pouring over the books with me, she is alway anxious even though she is smart and healthy and young and beautiful... and I worry about her. There is something fundamental in her world view that is heavy and achey and I wish I could make her laugh, take her home, feed her, make silly collages from old magazines.

When I see that kind of sadness I get all protective.

I get all maternal and shit.

Anyway, I am transplanting Pathos and Arrowhead starts into nice little clay pots so His house'll be lusher and greener. I like jungle-y little alcove life and mine is getting the clearcut treatment from Willie and busy-busy-ness of life in general. I already gave Him the palm tree scratching post that was next to the front door in order to save its precious life.

how much damage can one little cat do?

I got tired shins and maybe I will skip my long run tomorrow. Study instead.

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