Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Deleting Drafts

I have all these drafts of posts of stuff that got too big to tackle or stuff that I didn't want to admit.

BIG subjects, take.on.the.nature.of.existance subjects that make me feel exhausted and wimpy.

Like that smacked around thing with my neighbor going to court...

Or back in the beginning of summer, having dreams about my ex-boyfriend who was a selfish prick and its bad enough that I know secretly what I put up with (for years), but that I still have sentimental dreams annoys me.

And then how I tried to save but killed that little duck, and that kitten that died, and that nestless baby bird but my intentions were solid gold.....

And negative genetic tests and brain cancer and the awkward silence...

Those mass graves in Latin America. Razor sharp emotions.

What happens to the body in the electric chair.

Why we started building Nuclear Power Plants as a P.R. campaign, the domestic counterpart to the nuclear arms race.


Already I need to go take a nap.

I am not shallow, just sensative and spooked.

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