Sunday, December 19, 2004

Could Be...

Mayim called me to task. Busted.

ok - this is COMPLETELY smart-assy, but is your injury from carrying world-record breaking quantities of glasses in one hand??!?

Smart-assyness well taken... its not the 10 water glasses, cause they dont weigh much...

...but there is a small chance that it could be the 426 pounds of ceramic plates that I carry when I am clearing tables.

You see, I secretly imagine myself to be in the Servers Olympics and winning the gold medal for clearing an eight top dinner table in one trip. Being that I am left handed I tend to pile most of the weight on my right arm.

So, duh... yeah... I should know better.


Its a laundry doing, cat food buying day. After work tonight I am leaving for Ashland, then Tahoe then onwards to Las Vegas.

I am kinda freakin out. Let the good times roll.

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