Friday, December 03, 2004


I got another speeding ticket last night which makes me laugh hysterically and feel spitting mad and irritated and overwhelmed all at the same time cause I am broke and a jerk and dont even want to own a car anyway. The only reason I am keeping it is cause he lives 12.9 miles down a dark slick reckless road and I dont want to get kilt on my bicycle by the likes of me.

I am 15 miles in every other direction for school and carpool and work. The grocery store that has been remodeling for a year finally opened so now I can walk to my macaroni and broccoli and tofu and coffee.

I'm cold and aimless today. Every day of the week is work or school or both and I am piqued by the tiredness of it all. I want a real weekend with the heat cranked up and couch sitting, snack eating leisure. Wanna walk to the coffee shop and read unassigned books till my ass goes numb then do a crossword puzzle in ink and drink a second pot of coffee. Shit.

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