Thursday, December 16, 2004

ache, affliction, agony, discomfort, distress, malady, misery, soreness, spasm, strain, torment, torture

I am quite serious about being in wicked pain and even more serious about my Doctor traipsing around Mexico trying to heal his broken heart.

And I have been without any means of pain management for the last week, FINALS WEEK... during which I rely quite heavily on the use of my arms... the right arm currently crippled in ceaseless agony.

I AM STUDYING AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE FER CHRISSAKE! I need that arm for with to make classifiers and to modulate my verbs in a directional manner.

Constant pain becomes hypnotic. Then I come-to like I could snap at this aliveness not-endingness and it makes me want to throw things... but in general people say I seem even more relaxed then usual...

I think its cause I prefer hypnotic daze to demonic possession.

I don't have insurance see... and have yet to convince myself that I can justify an uninsured trip to the ER.

Cause I have an unverifiable injury...
(without an MRI)
the collaborating MD is unreachable in Mexico...
I don't want an office visit cause I don't need a diagnosis....
I just need a prescription.

That sounds bad. I know how bad it sounds. It feels even worse.

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