Saturday, November 20, 2004


I woke up this morning feeling like there was a bowling ball sitting on my solar plexus so I hit the snooze alarm for two hours, as if five minute intervals of sleep interupted by hateful chimes is gonna make me feel better. I dont feel better. I feel icky.

But I promised the things I promised so I gotta get up, gotta go, gotta do stuff, write blog posts and make apple crisp, get to work on time.

I am sitting in front of my new light therapy box that I got off eBay, bathing in full spectrum light and ionized air so to achieve circadian balance and perkiness. Who couldnt stand a little extra perk? Read all about my DSPS.

blink blink

Anyway, I kicked mid-term ass and am heading into the final stretch for fall term. Am taking this next week off to fly home and eat Tofurky. In a stroke of pure genius I managed to get a whole week off while only actually missing a day and a half of classes and one shift at work. Yo, rockstar!

Good thing my timing is so impeccable cause lately I been flouncing around all pigeon toed and starry eyed and tongue tied, like its a good idea to ignore everything.

And that aint the half of it... 'cept today. Today I feel like someone knocked the wind outta me, like they punched that soft little spot just under my ribs with an uppercut motion and I need to go lay down again.

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