Monday, November 29, 2004

Seamless Integration

Back from the San Juan Islands, he brought me hot sauce. HOT hot sauce that comes with, I kid you not... its own coke spoon that screws into a gold bullet key chain for on-the-go convenience.

Supposedly with this tiny travel spoon you should be measuring out all the sauce you need for one big pot of chili hot is this sauce.


And o'course I slathered the tip of my finger in 6oo,ooo Scoville peppery goodness and stuck it in my mouth. GODDAMNIT. The substance in chilies that makes them spicy is called capsaicin. It is concentrated in the veins of the fruit (not the seeds) and stimulates the nerve endings in your mouth, fooling your brain into thinking you're in pain. The brain responds by releasing substances called endorphins, which are similar in structure to morphine. A mild euphoria results, and chilies can be mildly addictive because of this hot pepper "high".

Boy was my brain ever fooled. But I keep doing it cause I love it.


I am traipsing around town with this guy who is, for the first time in a long time, more than a detached anthropological curiosity to me. He is my polar opposite, all math and science to my art and humanities. His friends adore him (good), he adores me (great)... so I spend every waking minute with him and rub his head and put my feet up on his dashboard and rest my head on his shoulder.

With these few hours now I am going to go run my little heart out. Between the morphine-like pepper high, infatuation wiggles, and full-spectrum circadian euphoria I can barely survive the day unless I do.

Gonna run 15 miles. Gonna lace up extra tight and break records and break hearts and come home feeling blood-let.


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