Friday, November 05, 2004

Right Back Atcha Mr. President!


You can see the video clip, and even download it yourself here.

I shouldn't be so heartbroken. I shouldn't be so humorless and bereft. I should dry those fucking tears cause there is one thing, one major factor on my side of this divide. Reality. Americans can deny reality for only so long.

They can continue to believe Bush is a firm and resolute leader, a man of sound judgment, that invading Iraq was necessary and good, that we are bringing freedom to the Iraqi people, that God is on our side, that a man who loses three debates despite being wired, runs up the national debt to an all time high but only after squandering an inherited (projected) Ten-Year Surplus Of $5.6 Trillion, uses terrorist threat levels as a tool for political advantage, stonewalled the 9/11 commission, stonewalled inquiries into the Valerie Plame investigation...DESERVES to be President of the United States. They can believe that...

But like any denial-based construct that uses templates to interface with the world, the American version of reality is not supported by results and will inevitably self destruct.

Already other countries are cutting back or pulling entirely their troops out of Iraq... Honduras and the Dominican Republic, The Philippines, Hungary, Thailand, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Singapore, Moldova, Norway, Spain, Poland, the Czechs plan to pull out by the end of February, the Dutch by the end of March, and Japan is feeling pressure to withdraw, Britain is 'questioning its "special relationship" with the United States'...

Yes, even Britain is reducing their presence in Iraq.

And what do you think is going to happen to our military, already spread dangerously thin and stationed in hostile territory without adequate supplies? As Bush's coalition of the willing uneasily detangles itself from his mess for the sake of their own political careers, for the stability of their respective countries, for the chance to save a couple of their unfortunate citizens from beheading, what do you think is going to happen?

What about that? Are you ready for the draft? Are you ready for a SITTING DUCK president who not only feels like he now has a mandate from the voters to lead this country, but who is totally unconcerned with re-election, and the accompanying pressures to conform somewhat to public opinion.

That is reality, and that is going to be one painful lesson.

By the way, today Deconstructionist is One Year Old!!!! HOt shit!

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