Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Record Street Cafe, Reno Nevada

Doing homework, WIFI style, out and about on the town. My mom and I had lunch in a tropical jungle theme buffet with regularly scheduled monsoons, lightning and thunder and freaked out chimp in the upper bough noises with lots of cocktail shrimp, sweettart lemonade and dried out desserts. Yum.

The desert is cold and hot at the same time and I feel distressed and endangered, then sweaty and stuffy. My finger is on the button... window down, window up, window down, window up.

The desert is dry brown and full of hawks on fence posts and hunting over streambeds and fields... magpies and dirt... scrub and dirt and rocks and dirt and dirt and dirt.

Back home the shades of green get greener in the winter. My orientation is shaky and vertiginous here. I would die of sunburn and dehydration on the way to 7-11 for a Slurpy if my Momma weren’t coming after me with her armaments.

And I am sick. FLU, mild case. I almost canceled my trip altogether. But she promised me soup and vitamin C and checks my forehead every half hour, rewraps my scarf against the wind. Who's gonna take care of me like that when I'm sick? Huh?

So yeah, camping was canceled and I slept all day Monday.

Sierra Nevadas

Tuesday we packed into the Jeep and drove down to Bodie on a bumpy dirt highway through the most fabulous Sierra Nevada vistas I have ever seen, though I slept most of the way... sleepwalked through the creepy ghost town and slept on the unbumpy parts home.

The Jeep, PUJ, receives no less love then any other full fledged member of the family (perhaps more then some of the ungrateful brats in our herd) and was in good form for the four-wheelin' impassable wash-outs they call roads here in Nevada.

My mothers home is perfectly white and perfectly undecorated, Zen-like, except in small corners like her office where she hoards odd ornaments from our childhood with characteristic (extreme) sentimentality. Lee does not horde but generously indulges my mothers various endearing idiosyncrasies. The overall effect is soothing and makes me feel safer then almost anywhere else in the world.

Home sweet home. Happy Thankgiving. Eat Tofu.

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