Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post Election Day Blues

Portland Oregon
"In Portland, Ore., a city so staunchly liberal that it is sometimes called the People's Republic of Portland, the outcome of the presidential race was absorbed with the levity of a mass funeral."

Portland Protests Bush

I am searching for answers today, boy am I. Did I really expect Kerry could win? There was just a moment where I did, yeah, but if I had such persistent doubts why was I not more emotionally prepared for a Bush victory? I am stunned. Stunned. Devastated.

Police Escort

I mean, its not like Kerry could have been effective anyway. It was a lose/lose situation for him, he inevitably would be held responsible for the momentum of the Bush Administration debacle by impatient constituents wanting unreasonable results. And insurmountable hatred from those bellicose, sloganeering Bush supporters.

Protest Protester

Lets face it, most Americans do not come close to comprehending the complexity of our political system, and are therefore, mostly incapable of understanding the terrain. I don't think he would ever get full credit for any work he did do, all of which would have been met with intense resistance from an overwhelmingly Republican Congress.

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So what would be to gain in winning the White House? We could have stopped the bleeding. We could have begun to patch up international relations, rebuild alliances, maybe we would just put the brakes on a little bit. But that's it.


Four years ago I thought one term would be enough. I thought after four years of G.W. Bush Americans would be screaming for change. That a term of Bush was just what they needed, a dose of bad medicine. Americans needed to hit bottom. I thought the country would be realigned and maybe we could come together to build gardens and schools and hold hands with our neighbors, that maybe the lions and the lambs would be cuddling under the burgeoning fruit trees, that Jews and Blacks and Lesbians and Christians... all of us could all drink cocktails together and laugh about the social gaffes of the past. Fuck.

Instead America got a mean look in its eye and we squared off against each other. A country so deeply divided is in a whole mess of trouble.

Portland got mad today and took to the streets. Fuck you America. You wanted him and I hope you live to learn to regret it, I hope you feel it in every burning cell in your body.

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