Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My Sainted Mother

... whose mind is like a little theatre but who, at least, is still in the directors seat, sent me care package today. She sends them about every other week or so and they are always full of unexpected delights and thoughtful gifts.

This weeks package included:

- 42 packets of Splenda
- one packet of chocolate malt drink powder from Mexico
- a packet of Taiwanese instant cereal
- a packet of Taiwanese 'yam nutritious cereal'
- a few tea bags
- regular ole' American instant oatmeal (two packets)
- wasabi peas
- a couple books....
- a copy of The Walker by Arturo Giovannitti, 1914 (one of her favorite poems that she has sent me twice before but doesn't remember)
- a sketch book
- half a bottle of ibuprofen
- and best of all... a homemade magnet made with a picture of Willie Cat all covered with highlighter pen

don't forget the tomato paste!

Vintage Swingline 400 series

(already opened)

all this and the hippie tapestry too!

I am the luckiest kid in the whole world!


Otherwise its back to the books for midterms and other competing distractions.

Bought cat toys in desperation. Got a blue feather pompon on a stick that is more fun then I could have ever imagined. Willies' devotion to its' capture is without regard for life or limb, and she has displayed a dazzling array of acrobatic maneuvers that I would have easily underestimated her ability to perform. Little fatty that she is.

Airborne Willie

I watched Control Room this last weekend. Great movie, highly recommend it.

Wasabi peas are not wasabi enough. I really just wanna eat wasabi but it seems uncouth somehow, like eating mayonaise from the jar or something.

Am leaving to make dinner with Kate whose car was stolen then found again, like mine was, just a few days later. I might bring my new stapler with me just in case... its even fully loaded with staples you know!

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