Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Morning Run

Since I can't seem to give up coffee entirely I decided this morning, resolutely, that I could limit myself to 12oz instead. That resolve firm, I marched down to the coffee shop just now and ordered a 16oz coffee. I don't know what happened. In between the thirty two footfalls from here to there I just forgot. The guy at the counter stood there watching me stir, then started giggling and said UM, I, UH... THIS IS A WEIRD THING TO SAY, BUT YOU JUST SMELL SO FRESH AND CLEAN and started waving his hands in the air to indicate, what? a cloud of fresh cleanliness.


I just ran a few miles and showered and my hair is still wet and I am out without a hat in the foggy, misty November morning....smelling good.

And there was a guy in Carharts and an Irish accent and he made my stomach turn cause Carharts and especially Irish accents do that to me, make me weak in the knees. I wrote a story about it once, an Irish accent.

But I have to be resolved about something so let it be this... I absolutely must finish my ASL translation about Tradition IRAs this morning.

So there. I came back home.

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