Friday, November 26, 2004

Buy Nothing Day

I did, I bought a veggie fajita taco and a cup of coffee... 12 oz. Damn me.




Thanksgiving day. Walked along the lake shore just a few breathes before snowfall and talked about sea monkeys and the declining dollar. A year ago I was spitting distance from moving here... now its just another roadside fantasy shrinking in the back window.

Lake Tahoe

Early flight. Came home to the fog, pilot circled and circled till he thought he could see through the clouds... DONE THIS PLENTY FOLKS, ITS AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE. Kate's twice stolen car full of kid and kid mess, we slipped into the haze and disappeared. I cant tell what time of day it is and am uncertain that I ever even left this impenatrable womb, sushing through the mist. SHHHHH.....

My home stinks of cat piss, the palm near the front door has been used as a scratching post, greenery all over the floor... plant on the table in utter defeat, overflowing litterbox, poopoo smears on the bathroom floor, not a kibble of food and only three drops of water left in the food bowl.... Willie charges the hallway a few times in response to my homecoming. I am firing my cat sitter, even if he does work for free.

All cleaned up, purring kitty in my lap. It smells like Pine-Sol and Nag-Champa which is a hell of a lot better then how it smelled when I walked in. I put away my toothbrush, unpacked my bags, took out the garbage, swept and mopped.

Now I just want to hear that my baby will be home from his family Thankgiving to-night so I can float through work.

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