Monday, October 11, 2004

Once Upon a Monday Night

I got explosive tire syndrome hugging the curb last night, and black fingers syndrome on my knees hurting from the asphalt syndrome till my new friend Louis pulled up and took over the job of spare-tiring me. I can change a tire, believe me, can I ever change a tire, but I have nothing to prove. Double believe me.


lend me your Palmar Interossei . fine movements of the digits.

In the interest of World Domination or at least a mini-booster I am taking this SELF HYPNOSIS class with Sam for a month of Mondays. Its not as neato as I would have thought, and tends to run more towards that yippie vein of saying nice things in your head over and over till you believe them. I prefer intrigue, and creeps with turbans and electric spirals for eyes but few things have ever lived up to the promises made in the back of comic books.


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