Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Is this considered shoplifting?

funny, like haha funny

I remember this photographer cause he was up where my normal route overlaps with the marathon course. In front of me were two women with huge BUSH '04 stickers on their backs and I was flipping them off for the camera but they aren't even in the picture and he wants 10 MILLION DOLLARS for five wallet-sized photos.... you aren't even allowed to view anything bigger then a thumbnail to see if you have a stupid expression on your face before you commit to purchase.

I can be so immature.


Orbicularis Oculi

At the school bookstore today I bought a set of anatomy study cards for the human skeletal muscles, then spent the day punching holes in papers and reading at length about human cultures till the miracle of communication seemed all but mythical. I just cant believe it happens.

Intercultural communication specifically is extraordinarily fascinating, and impossibly complex. Or maybe things just begin to seem fatally delicate when you look at them too closely.

When it seems like war is all but inevitable between the worlds cultures I will put the books down and make greeting cards from the pieces of my body.


Anyway, in the great Stray Kitten Shake Down of 2004 I ended up with the little black and white female and my neighbor ended up evicted (not my doing). I named her Willie.

Wee Willie

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