Sunday, October 31, 2004

Daylight Savings

Its been like I like it to be, cozy and angry and promising, like upheaval, like there is a roof on the globe I live in, like the whole fucking world is alive.

The other day.

Except today. Today was perfect blue like riding with the top down and a bright red scarf, squinting. I got up at 5am, or was it 6am? or was it 7am? Some of my clocks set themselves automatically, some didn't. My phone should have set itself but since I set the phone alarm the night before, it didn't. And at 5am I couldn't for the life of me tease any sense out of the concept of time. It was 6am, then it was 5am again, then it was 6am and I had to get up and go. RACE DAY.

This day today.

The first race I ever ran was the First Annual Run Like Hell last October. I ran the half marathon and finished in 2:07 though I had never ran more then 6.5 miles two days before the race, and before that only 4 miles ever at one time. So I just had to run again this year and I had to get downtown early but at 5am I didn't know what time it was or which way to move my clocks cause I wasn't sure which clocks knew better and already moved themselves, and which didn't.

I got to registration early and spent the chilly bright blue hour and a half walking circles through Pioneer Square and going pee e.v.e.r.y. t.i.m.e. I passed the port-a-potties. I have a real problem with race-day bladder.

I decided yesterday to run the 5k instead of the whole half marathon cause I just haven't been running enough since the marathon to run 13 miles like I wanna run 13 miles... or maybe I decided on the 5k cause it was raining to float an ARC these last few days.

So I ran the 5k and finished 25:46, 3/53 in my age group, 8:18/mile pace. I am pretty pleased with that cause I felt like I was running asthmatic and pigeon-toed but I guess that is totally subjective.

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