Monday, October 11, 2004

Auricularis Anterior, Superior, and Posterior

hed . non-functional in mankind.

That cat is sharpening her claws on my furniture. Plus she launches off the floor to unknowable heights, trying to reach my arms when I am standing, by landing midway up my leg and climbing the rest of the way.

Friends hellbent on being sad, or certain that moving far away is the best possible solution.

Family making me feel murderous and intentionally cruel. That is why it is best I live more then an hour drive away from the ones I so loved cause my throwing arm is weak, and I can't seem to run furiously for more then 26 miles, after which I am significantly ebbed. I should have been orphaned a long long time ago.

Otherwise, all is gad-damned grand. That I have run only twice in three and a half weeks... that I was saving my knee for the marathon, then recovering from that marathon... does not help. I am emotionally spineless... caught between posting topless pictures of myself on the internet and removing all known reference to my whereabouts and existence. I can't seem to figure out which extreme makes me more comfortable.

And something aesthetically satisfying is eluding why is it that I like orange scarves and green jackets.
Will something please please me in that fashion till the weather is cold enough? Please?

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