Sunday, October 17, 2004

Around The World

My friend Piyada flew back to Thailand today and so today is mopey and goodbye-like and typically I want to be left very, very alone. I dont want any company and I dont want to answer my phone. I want to watch airplanes in the sky tonight through my window, laying on the kitchen floor.

I seem to be having a problem commenting on other peoples blogs, my computer just wont let me. I want to say stuff, notably to Bicyclemark and xtx but I just gotta say it here.

So um, no... I am not studying to be a brain surgeon but a ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreter. But you know, most of the time I act quite knowledgable on topics I know nothing about so you can ask me anything you want to know about brain surgery. Go ahead. Really.

The anatomy cards on the other hand were just something I had to have cause they tickle my fancy. They probably make me look all medicalstudent-y huh?

Soleus - ankle jerk reflex

XTX! You'll be glad to know that I going to the Old 97's on Monday night.

And now I am late for work.

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