Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Today I woke up with the illusion that I was the last person on earth but I was forced to reconsider when the mailman began stuffing junkmail down the chute. He always mangles my Safeway Fliers.

Maybe there are two of us.

Last night Beer and her sister Bird came over to tell me they had made the decision to go back to Thailand after a particularly unjust incident at work. Five years of working in Thai restaurants in the United States and she says Thai people in this country are awful to each other, and everyday enduring just enough to not quite be ready to leave. But now I couldn't convince her otherwise and she started crying and I started crying and I feel like I am loosing a friend, like she is mini-dying cause there is a finality to moving to Thailand that isn't quite like moving to Alaska, or Georgia. BUT COME TO THAILAND AND YOU WILL BE LIKE A QUEEN, NO REALLY, YOU CAN COME LIVE WITH ME AND EAT WITH ME AND IT WILL BE SO NICE, I WILL SHOW YOU EVERYTHING.

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