Saturday, September 18, 2004


Finally got ahold of my Dad and am waiting for him to call me back with the VIN number and license plate number and all the essential information I didn't have so I couldn't even do anything about it. I hate that feeling.

And at least he has my car which isn't the same as a well worn and trusty truck that is all paid off and even though I am gonna still be paying off my car for the next eleventy-hundred years the biggest relief is that I can refuse to take my car back until the truck is found. If it is found.

While I don't necessarily believe in Karma in that way like if I kick you in the shins my shins shall be kicked before the day is out and boy will I be sorry then, this does remind me that I haven't done any good deeds lately, thinking good thoughts notwithstanding.

I do hope to reap untold riches of good Karma in my next life though so I better step to.

And anyway, I have been suffering a fair bit of anxiety and cognitive dissonance cause I am first-of-all a cyclist and progressive minded young lady who drives way more then she would like acknowledge. Just what I needed is enough room to rearrange my approach without having those keys laying there so conveniently.

But I would like to say Fuck You to the mean bitchy bitch operator at the Portland Police Bureau. You can kiss my ass and I would kick you in the shins with my bike cleats for your sass mouth even if it means my shins shall too be kicked.

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