Saturday, September 18, 2004

Seasons Change

It is fall, suddenly and unapologetically. Last week was sunglasses slipping down the bridge of my nose, sweaty and gritty sandy skin out at the river, lying with our heads close together planning summer for the rest of our lives. The rapidity of change is disconcerting. No courtship between summer and fall, no eye-making, hand-holding, nerve-wracking pretext to segway into one another. I cant believe it ever was summer.

But now the fortress of 482 pound books next to my bed is growing exponentially which is as sure an indicator of the coming winter as leaves falling. It takes a conscious perceptual shift to enjoy the winters here. Most people just survive, damp with droopy eyelids and deep sighs. Interestingly, Portland is ranked #6 as one of the most stressful cities in a study among whose 9 criteria includes a listing for 'cloudy days'.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

So yeah, the skies are back to moody and its not a thousand degrees anymore. But you know how I love my moody skies... a black tumultuous notquiteraining sky has the power to smooth and soften the edges of emotions too big and sharp to contain...and the power of depth perception when the landscape becomes too flat to arouse any passion.

Black skies


Decided I needed to go do laundry in a bad way. New kitten = laundry crisis and I have 93 pounds of bedding to do as well as every piece of clothing I own. Have no soap, need vinegar to clean cat pee off my mattress... need to go to the store.

it's gone.

Its not even my fucking vehicle. After last weekends ride I traded my car for my Dads Pathfinder so he can work on the car for me. Now its not his either.


Not finished with this post just yet.

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