Friday, September 10, 2004

High Speed Chase

Bastard! Blogger just erased a whole post I wrote... it went something like this...

Went running after work. 1130pm. Cop pulls car over. Car peals out. Cops in hot pursuit. Cruisers everywhere. Car hits Max lightrail train, spins around, comes to a stop. Cops enthusiastically box unmoving car in by smashing into unmoving car and each other. Noted one even went through a school yard fence and came to a stop on a baseball feild. No one hurt, kid arrested.

Writer ruminates on method of criminal apprehension. Concludes with a final impression that incident is like rodeo days for adrenaline whooped yahoos.

Glad I wore my reflective vest. Mad at Blogger.


someone said...

I wonder what kind of ticket I'd get if I whooooooped into a schoolyard accidentally? I wonder about the schizophrenic woman with a butter knife who had her chest blown open by the Portland cops? And just recently another nutbag blown away for weilding a sharp object. Remember the childhood game of "scissor-paper-rock??? Well shit man. its scissor-paper-gun with these guys. Joy-riding by children and idiots has become as hazardous as wearing a baseball cap backwards on the empty, albeit black, adolescent head. Prudent to remember they have the guns. And the cars. Weapons all. It is so dangerous to be young. and poor doesn't help. I'm so glad my son lived through it.

asia said...

Dont forget about James Jahar Perez who was shot during a routine traffic stop a few months back out here in my neighborhood. Unarmed and trying to undo his seatbelt I think.


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