Friday, September 03, 2004

Best News I've Heard All Year

Home bound

My brother John is coming home. He is sitting in some outpost waiting to be de-activated. His year in Egypt pushed him over the limit for the amount of time he can spend on active duty within a certain period of time. They should have figured this out before he was sent to train in Texas. They shouldn'ta let him get this far in the first place. They issued a Stop-Loss to prevent his contract from expiring one month after he would have arrived in Iraq but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Its akward and confusing. He is having a hard time with survivor guilt and loyalty to his guys. He is their combat medic and was about to be promoted. He considered volunteering for active duty, a year or more in Iraq.

This came up a few weeks ago and I didn't say anything cause I wont believe it till the coals are ready on the BBQ. Then they took it away, said he was going, and I was glad I kept my mouth shut. Now he is coming home after all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your brother is a stand up guy but, believe me, he is expendable, even as a medic. Ever heard the term "cannon fodder"? How many stand up guys have already been stuffed down that barrel? If this were a "real" war I might understand him wanting to go on with it but this thing Bush created is a travesty and an embarrassment, certainly not at all worth risking either life or limb. I wonder how many other guys have been tricked like this? I'm glad he got things sorted out in time.

asia said...

Yeah, well... I know that, he knows that, we all know that but it doesnt mean his conflicted emotional reaction is any less real, or valid. Thanks though.

someone said...

so happy to hear about john!! I'm holding my breath for all of you.


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