Friday, September 10, 2004

Another Century

Leaving for Gold Beach tomorrow morning for the Oregon Coast Cycling Festival. 100 miles in the rain and wind, I am guessing. Who knows? It could be perfect weather. September can be so beautiful.

Dear Casey,
I left out food and water for my cat Moxie even though he has been gone for more then a month now. And I told myself that when the water in the bowl dried up I was going to put it away...give away all the cat food and kitty toys. Tonight there was like one last drop of slimy water on the bottom of the bowl and an orange striped little kitty with a pretty face just wandered in and pranced down my hallway to the food bowl. He seems a little skittish but once I petted him he went nuts for affection and crawled into my lap and shoved his head under my chin and up on my chest.

there you are with your knee high boots all crumpled down on the floor with the dust bunnies and stray cats and flea bites, but I filled the water bowl again and left the food out. I have always been a stray cat kinda girl.

And later the kitty came back with three more in tow. When you invite a whimsical notion into your life don't be surprised if four come pouncing and prowling through your door. What can you do but offer up your hospitality?

I am keeping the yellow kitty, I already asked. On Sunday when I get home he is moving in.

I have had people dropping in and staying late into the night for all this week. Talking loud with mouths full of chocolate and laps full of kitten. Come over, everyone is welcome.

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a. said...

Yeah for last drops and bitter-sweet endings! I'm wishing you sunshine or at lest rainbows on the your ride this weekend. Cheers.


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