Thursday, August 26, 2004


It is pouring rain, has been pouring rain for a week now. Everyone is acting like its winter, ordering hot soup and hot tea, coats and take-out... then the rain stops for an hour and it gets hot like August again. They don't have this problem elsewhere. They don't confuse a summer rain storm with winter if winter means eight inches of snow. But when the temperature variances barely register and rain is all we know, well then, the confusion is understandable.

Regardless, the race goes on. Hood To Coast starts tomorrow rain or shine. Wet clothes worsen chafing, sun causes burns and dehydration. This storm is anything but temperate, I am not convinced that it will blow over. I would hope for cool, overcast, dry and breezy but I rarely get my way in these matters.

I am overjoyed though. Really. Anita is on her way here, already in the air probably. We leave for Mt. Hood tomorrow morning. Our start time is 2 in the afternoon.

Think of me at 4am. I will be running past abandoned gas stations and overgrown fields.


a. said...

I will be thinking of you. Lovely about the rain... really turns it up on an already epic event. Aces to you and Anita and everyone running with you. Shhhs....listen. It's the sound of wild cheers coming from over the mountains.

someone said...

I will think of you when I wake up, and hope you find your way to Jewel. Should be a beautiful day. Great clouds. Best to you both.


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