Friday, July 23, 2004

Slumber Party

I have an alter to somnolence inhabited by a live, though slumbering, purple haired deity right here in my living room, sprawled in the hundred degree heat on an ergonomically unfriendly fold out couch with green polka-dotted sheets. 


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I thought I was bad. 

I paid bills, got coffee, balanced my checkbook (its been almost a month fer crissake) and finally stated in a stentorian voice ALL RIGHT, THAT'S IT, I THINK YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH....

20oz. of sweating ice coffee and the cars zooming on the race track...its too hot even for flies to buzz.  It is rolley-pollies and calliope music, dry as dust and beading sweat.  Good god, even symbolic water makes me feel better.  All Pisces are invited to dine with me this evening. 

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