Saturday, July 24, 2004

Products You Learn To Love

Kara of Spacetramp wrote:
Quite the bike ride - 101 miles in a one day! Geez my ass would be so sore I've have to sleep vertical. But I suppose you had a pair of those fancy Pearl Izumi padded ass units on :) Great pics too!

Thanks for giving me the chance to edify one of the more unglamorous aspects of cycling....

Yeah, I had fancy-pants on but you would be surprised...they help but you still suffer from numb naughty parts and wicked chap-ass.  There is this fun product called Chamois Butt'r  (the B is the cyclist's butt incase you didn't to get that one).  It helps with the rub, and you can tell who didn't use it after 106 miles cause they are affecting a sort of bowlegged limp.  Once the chapping starts to set in most people have no shame about applying the lube at their convenience.  I have seen rider holding out the waistband of their shorts, elbow deep into their good stuff rubbing shamelessly, their eyes cast heaven-ward.  I have seen this on land and on bike. 

This chaffing affects runners too.  During Bloomsday, near the six mile mark, the first-aid tent volunteers stand roadside holding forth heaping plates of vasoline.  Baffling!  I didn't figure this out till later, but at the time I thought maybe it was some kind of fast absorbed carb-gel that they were offering unsanitarily to bonking runners.  Man am I glad I didn't dip a handful of that shit into my mouth. 

Yes, long distance sports are not just sexdrugsandrock-n-roll everybody.  There are moments that are less than glamorous. 


SAM I Am said...

Nice post.
The part about "a mouth full of petroleum jelly " really sticks with me.

kara said...
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