Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just When I Was Going To Take Your Name Away Again

That guy, he called me today...he told me a friend of his needs another person for their Hood To Coast relay team and wanted to know if he could give them my phone number.... I am totally ecstatic. I dont know if it is a fur-sure thing yet. But that got me all excited so I whipped out the credit card and registered for the Portland Marathon too.

Then Sam called and said I was a total jock. Its not true... I am still the same corrupt party girl I ever was, its just that I zapped all my natural endorphins dry and now I have to to got extreme lengths to get high.

I am going to go take a nap cause I was up till dawn working on my HTML homework, and managed to offend the advisor yet again clichefootinmouth style.... man I am so exhausted.

Moxie has been gone for like two and a half days now and I am feeling useless and anxious and if he comes back I am gonna lock the doors and windows so I dont have to worry about him and the whizzing cars but that is no way for a cat to live.

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