Monday, July 05, 2004

Independence Day

Saturday I went to Kay's for breakfast, rode my bike in slow looping curves with hot coffee in my water bottle cage.

Kay is a baker, daughter of a baker, granddaughter of a baker, great granddaughter of a baker. She made orange/blackberry muffins, cooked potatoes and eggs. Her kids are big and healthy, sweet and engaging.

We sat on a hammock that sagged with our weight so that we were tickled with dandelion heads.

Cruised around the block twice to get a look at a piece of raw meat, just sitting there.

Later Sam and I went and played pinball. Got one multiball, won two free games.

Fourth of July the whole herd of us from the restaurant drove to Six Flags, ate papaya salad with sticky rice in the parking lot, and shared in the great fortune of not having to wait in line for the rollercoasters. The owners picked up the bill for the whole day. Looped, dipped, splashed, swung, flipped...I never get sick. Rode the rollercoaster seven times. Laughed.

In the wave pool got surrounded and splashed to submission. Bobbed off to the deep end and between the oceanic swells watched a man with a shaved head trying to bob toward me. Am too swift, hate being hit on when my nerves are tingling with chlorine-pool summertime nostalgia, have runners lungs, ducked and swam away.

We went out for Chinese later that evening, a huge multi-cultural party, sunburned to exhaustion. Thai, Mexican, Mayan, Russian, and two white American girls. I counted the languages between the lot of us... (I think that there is more still).

1. Thai
2. English
3. ASL
4. Chinese
5. Russian
6. Spanish
7. French
8a/b. Mayan (two dialects)

The food kept coming and coming and coming. Jellyfish, sea cucumbers, calamari, scallops, clams, unidentifiable squishy round balls...I will try anything twice.

I felt overwhelmed with goodwill all damn day....expected component of human nature notwithstanding.

Later that night I had sad*sad*sad dreams about J. being gone and I was at a party with these people from High School (one I remember was a girl named Sabrina who taught me how to French inhale). I was drinking and smoking and being horribly ill-behaved in my grief. B*** explained to me that Thai people believe that some foods cause great sorrow. I went and hiked up and down secret paths on a dark cliff above a raging ocean.

I was woken up by the overwhelming sadness in my throat and jettisoned the whole affair, out of bed, on the phone already late to social engagements, quick math to figure a coffee stop, blinding sun, untamed hair, forgot the directions and went to 67th instead of 76th. It became a grand day though!

July 5th and my neighbor let his kids stay up late to light off fireworks. See the silhouette of that adorable little girl? Aww....

I went for a short run, then later a long walk in the dark. It is lush and warm and the breeze smells faintly like gun powder. I love the day after the fourth listening to distant pops of firecrackers when it is otherwise so quiet.

I was worried last night that my cat got scared and ran off so I went to bed and left the front door open for him. Should have known, he is unflappable and buoyant. Cairo dives for cover if you talked too loud. Sweet little scaredy-cat.

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