Friday, July 09, 2004

HTML is Super Cool!

I am taking an internet class to learn HTML. I got pissed off and fired off an irritable email (which I usually only compose in my head) to the instructor because I had fallen behind and suddenly decided that the workload was unreasonable. Then I went to the class site and saw the bulletin board that everyone had been posting on for over three weeks... I wrote my instructor back and apologized in what I thought was an endearing letter. Her response was terse and now I am busting my HTML ass to catch my jammies still and I have to leave for work in six minutes... I want to win her over, I want to be ACES with HTML, I am not a total jerky brat..... I AM SORRY FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD,
and i am later for work now too


kara said...

CSS is all the rage now!

asia said...

Who knew?? The in-look for 2004 is CSS and wee lapdogs.

(Cascading Style Sheets for all you kids riding at the front of the bus.)


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