Friday, July 30, 2004

Head Spinning

My head starts spinning every time I get stand up too fast so I crouch in the ready-to-faint-from-a-safer-elevation position with my fingertips touching the ground while vibrating black/white checkers crowd in....

I went to Safeway (cause along with 445794856348270 other Americans I have no health insurance), and checked my blood-pressure on their handy little automated machine in the corner of the pharmacy.


I have no idea what that means cause there was no automated nurse or auto-doc to advise me so I got some yogurt and got in the express check out line.


kara said...

A-1 blood pressure!
What's your heart rate?
A slow resting heart rate can cause what you described...
PS. Last time I made a post here it didn't work :( - I blamed blogger.

asia said...

I have been sitting here for awhile so I figure that I am resting... my heart rate is 56/min. But then again, I was talking to my mother on the phone and that can sometimes have adverse affects on the circulation of my blood. Today that doesnt seem to be the case... :)

someone said...

Your BP: 120/70 is ideal, should not be < 90/60. If it drops (dizzy) upon change in elevation (sit to stand, lay to stand), that is orthostatic hypotension, and different than always being low/high. Possible causes: dehydration? oncoming illness?


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