Saturday, July 03, 2004

Email to C*sey

Man o' Man I feel like a complete fuckwit for like, three days now. I just cant seem to get anything useful done at all. I start out wandering around in my PJ's for way too long, decide to balance my checkbook, unfurl a pile of receipts, remember that I forgot to brush my teeth, amble to the bathroom while the receipts blow away under the fan, decide to eat cereal before brushing, go to the kitchen, see yesterdays dishes and say forget it, wander back to the front room, start to put away last weeks clean laundry but begin to count my shoes instead, leave shoes in a pile on the floor and go write a blog post about shoes, remember I forgot again to brush my teeth, go brush, start to get dressed pulling clothes out of the un-put-away-yet clean laundry pile, trip on shoes and receipts, land on my ass near a potted plant, notice it needs water, take watering can to sink while only half dressed, notice that sink is still full of dishes that have to be moved to fill watering can, start making fridge magnets out of Dia de Los Muertos tin skeletons instead.

Nothing better to do

Now it is the middle of the night. Me and my shoes both are going to lay out under the fan all night.

So what's the latest with you and C*****?
How did she roll her car?
And did you tell her you sang songs about her?
And what is the deal with your band?
Are you renting studio time or is this Old School D.I.Y. style?
What do the shirts look like?

Neighbors are good and all, but I hardly talk to mine anyway. I probably should. They are all nice people except for this woman with, like, four fucking kids and they never talk...they just yell. They yell about everything, all the time. They are a.l.w.a.y.s. yelling. Its amazing. From here I cant hear them at all because their windows face out and the noise carries away but when I am coming and going, which is frequent, or sitting on the grass I hear them.
One of her kids is about four or five years old and is obsessed with a watering can that I keep on my front porch and if he thinks that I am not here, or not looking he steals it off my porch and throws it on the ground. He did it so many times he broke the spout and now water just gushes out and makes holes in the dirt of my potted porch plants. Last summer I asked him sweetly about a hundred and thirty two times to not throw my watering can on the ground anymore but I finally gave up trying to stop him and started stealing his toys out of the courtyard and putting them in my front window sill. I am so wicked. I thrill myself.
So you see what kind of neighbor I am? A not-talkin-to-you, baby-candy-stealin, coming-and-going-at-all-hours, cooler-then-you-in-dark-glasses neighbor. Vexatious.

Good Tippers, Peaches and Amazing Friends are all good things and should be bountiful in one's life.

Great paintings too... Wunderkind!

Music/movie recommendations? Hmmm? Well, Fahrenheit 911 of course. I don't care what anyone says about Michael Moore as a person. I love him. I have not heard one single fact successfully disputed excepting all the semantical quibbling and logically fallacious, hostile discord of course. Poo.

And I went to see Dodgeball last night with some people I work with. It was dumb. I laughed, but it was dumb. Wait for video. Otherwise I really don't watch movies much. They make me squirmy for the most part.

The Joy of Cooking is an essential cookbook. And this is another thing that I don't do much. I mean, I love to cook but I just throw things in the pot by the handful, make way too much and end up trying to feed everyone I know before it goes bad. Lately I just eat pickles, oatmeal and Thai food...a diet I highly recommend. I love fingerfood, sushi, anything that is pickled, anything soy, and hot pepper flakes. Life is full of good stuff.


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