Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Again With the Up-All-Night...

I have this link to a satellite image of earth and I am poised above my coast, watching the sunlight advancing toward me, bearing down, wiping out the twinkling lights of cities further east.


It is summer and day invades from the north. All that stuff about the winter sky and arctic nights, long summer days, solstice and equinox make sense from up here in the stratosphere watching my 32 hour circadian clock knock me into another tomorrow . Click on your corner of the world and you will see what I mean. This kicks ass a gazillion times over mobiles anyday.

I leave the door open for my cat, sometimes all night and my little apartment has become a high traffic hangout for local strays. I scared a tabby with a pert, curious tail like a periscope cruising towards my closet. A few minutes later, from the food bowl down the hall a shaggy gray cat with a satisfied air and a dignified gait. I feel like I am the intruder. And my own cat is mesmerized by a moth mesmerized by the light of the lamp above my desk but all I can see is a single strike and an avalanche of detritus, a broken clay pot, exposed plant roots, my 31 trillion systems of organization lost in a flutter. So it is a game of constant, yet gentle redirection.

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